I am a PhD Candidate in Politics at Princeton University doing a visiting stay at Paris School of Economics (PSE) economic development group. My research interests include organized crime, political economy of development, education, and behavioral science.

I am currently working at the intersection of crime and education. I focus on understanding the consequences of growing up in areas with gang control on youth’s human capital accumulation, understanding gang entry, and developing and evaluating policy options to reduce gang recruitment. My regional expertise is Latin America.

My dissertation “Growing under gang rule: consequences on youth’s human capital accumulation and policy options to reduce recruitment ” studies the consequences of growing up in areas with gang control on youth’s educational paths and policy options to reduce gang entry for at risk-youth in Medellín, Colombia.

In terms of methodology, my research combines qualitative and quantitative methods. On the quantitative side, it includes quasi-experimental evaluations using large admin data, structural modeling, and the design and evaluation via randomized control trials (RCTs) of public policy. On the qualitative side, I have experience conducting semi-structured interviews with imprisoned population as well as community members living in areas with gang presence.

I am a fellow at Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (QAPS) and a member of Research on Policing Reform and Accountability (RoPRA).

You can contact me via email – mauribe (at) princeton.edu or via twitter.